What is the Best 4×4 SUV for me?

The sport utility vehicle (“SUV”) has continued to grow in popularity because of its versatility. Not only can it haul the entire family and their luggage, but it can handle all types of weather and road conditions. Furthermore, it can easily be converted to go off-road and cross over terrain never once thought possible. Although the 4×4 feature on an SUV is expensive, it is quickly becoming one of the more used features on the car. Many small towns have “off-roading” clubs, and off-roading competitions are becoming popular ways for outdoor aficionados to meet. When looking to purchase an SUV, the question arises, which is the best 4×4 SUV on the market. The answer to this question depends on what the primary usage of the vehicle is.

For people who are using the vehicle primarily to drive on highways, but want the extra room for family and sometimes to deal with inclement weather, a luxury SUV would be the best 4×4 SUV. Luxury SUV’s generally offer the best all-around package. Generally, luxury SUV’s have an all-wheel drive capability, which switches on when the car’s computer sense that it is losing traction. This feature is best for the novice off-road driver and for someone whose main goal is not to do the extreme off-roading. Moreover, it is great for driving in snowy and icy conditions. Another feature that many luxury SUV’s have is a large, powerful engine. This gives the owner of a luxury SUV the ability to tow anything if they so choose. The one downside to a luxury SUV is that it suffers on gas mileage due to the large engine. However, luxury SUV’s are always comfortable and tricked out with the newest and best gadgets. A luxury SUV is one of the best ways to travel in style. So, if you want to look good while travelling to the snow, a luxury SUV is the way to go! They don’t come cheap though, as they are manufactured by high end car manufacturers, such as Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Porsche, to name a few. A luxury SUV is the best 4×4 SUV on the market if someone is looking for a car that looks great and only needs to 4×4 functionality for inclement weather and road conditions.

For people who are looking to use their 4×4 primarily for off-roading, there are a few options of rugged vehicles that are designed to cross any and all terrain. At the forefront of these are the Jeep Wrangler and Toyota FJ cruiser. On the street, these cars are extremely convenient. They get great gas mileage, are easily maneuverable, require little upkeep and maintenance, and can park in any spot, regardless of how small. Although small in size, these cars transform into beasts when they are taken off-roading. They are easily modifiable to meet any demands that are requested of them. Some typical features of these cars are simple interiors, tough suspensions, stiff shocks, low gear ratios, and incredible low end torque, which gives these cars the necessary power to do anything, including driving over boulders! The capabilities of these small vehicles are mind-blowing! Generally, these cars are relatively inexpensive, especially compared to their luxury counter-parts. Buying one says to the world that you are serious about off-roading and an outdoor aficionado; it means instant acceptance into the ever-growing off-roading community. In the purest terms of off-roading capability, these cars of the best 4×4 SUV’s on the market.

4×4 SUV’s can be broken down into two categories: luxury SUV’s and the tough, rugged off-roading vehicle. Which one is right for you depends on your primary usage. Once you determine how you are going to use your vehicle, then you can determine what is the best 4×4 SUV.


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